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things I love.

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We Love Betsy Curtis Online...

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Exciting news. A few months ago I wrote a character sketch about a girl named Betsy Curtis. The character was a very quirky while very loved celebrity. It wasn't anything more than a sketch. I posted it on my face-book and was soon getting comments from a couple girls named Sophie Sin'ea and Lux Trohman. They were really pushing for more about her, like a story and I racked my brain for weeks trying to come up with a story for her. I was blank. So I wrote both girls telling them that Betsy was a dead end for me. They were dissapointed but took it well. I didn't hear from Sophie or Lux again until a month ago when they sent me an email including three short blog enteries written by two fictitious celebrity bloggers named Sblood311 and Luxigirl311. I was sooo excited by the fact that I had inspired them to write something so witty and clever. They asked me if I would mind them turning my character into a story told in the form of celebrity blog entries. I gave them the go ahead seeing as how I would enjoy reading what they came up with and I wasn't gonna do anything with Betsy's story. That night however a million ideas were running through my head. I wrote a seven page email full of suggestion at like three in the morning. Four days later I was sent seven new blog entries, hey were hilarious and smart. I was also sent some Polyvore sets -which is how I found out about Polyvore- with ideas on how Betsy would dress and such. I soon found myself bugging them for more. A week ago they pitched me the idea of setting up a blog where they could post these chapters. I imeadiatly jumped on the idea. They even added a character named Bea just for me. They also invited me to do some guest author work.

I wanted to tell you all to check the blog out. Read it, you will NOT be sorry.


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Isn't that cool? Love it!

Twice in a week...

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How's it going? Things are pretty slow right now around here. I am in the process of looking for a job, which is grueling. I wanted to post a really awesome video of The Babyshambles. I love Pete. This performance is really awesome.


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